A series of type experiment posters about encroachment.

Typography Experiment

Student Project

OBJECTPick one word to base their experiment on and then consider what meaning that word has in the literal sense as well as the abstract or “slang” context and design a poster to portray that meaning.

2020 Hong Kong Contemporary Design Award
2021 G CROSS Award
2020-2021 China Future Star Design Award

This typography experiment delves into the concept of 'Meaning in the context.' With the word 'Encroachment' as my focus, extensive research guided me to uncover its multifaceted interpretations and construct a visual narrative. The experiment aimed to explore the impact of letterforms, textures, and graphics on visual context, enabling a more precise expression of meaning. The process, whether in the form of the final poster or the creation of letterforms, provided insights that surpassed the dictionary's given definition.

Each poster represents an experimental realm, possessing its distinctive environment. Despite sharing the same word, they evolve into diverse meanings, narrating the story of their individual roles and definitions.

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