Asian Style.

An aesthetic design book about Asian style.

Editorial & Cover Design

Student Project

Redesign the entire typographic system for a coffee table book, that already exists.

The Asian Style, authored by Gilles De Bure in 1998, offers a captivating vision of the world that embraces clarity, simplicity, and a harmonious blend of emotion and reason. With a sensitive yet elevated appreciation of objects and aesthetics, this book captures the essence of Asian design.

Through the observation of everyday objects like bowls, baskets, and paper. "The Asian Style" reveals an extraordinary level of refinement. These objects shape a lifestyle where materials, colors, and patterns intertwine in a beautifully light and evocative manner. The Asian approach to design showcased in this book is characterized by its subtlety and universality, capable of infusing harmony and balance into every individual's inner world.

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