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Campaign Design

Campaign Design


DDB San Francisco Creative team (Ben Wolan, Eric Cruz, Sian Coole, Jo Creswell, Sian Coole, Chris Park, Steve Nathans, Aidan Zecche, Roselyn Pla, etc.) and Strategy team.

In 2022, DDB San Francisco launched an iconic and transformative campaign for iShares by BlackRock, a leading financial investment company known for its expertise in ETFs and commitment to long-term investment strategies.

Introducing the iShares Future Baller$, a standout team of up-and-coming NBA rookies handpicked as ETF ambassadors. These talented top 10 draft picks made waves with their commitment to long-term financial planning. By investing a portion of their iShares sponsorship, they embody the advantages of strategic decision-making and serve as inspiring models for the financial long-term game.

Our collective efforts led to a remarkable 72% uplift in iShares' awareness following the Baller$ campaign. Through impactful online video advertising, banners, engaging web layouts, and compelling social media posts, we successfully communicated the benefits of long-term ETF investments to young investors, providing them with a valuable option for their financial goals.

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