The World.

A series of books about living in the world.

Typography & BookCover Design

Student Project

Design a series of three book covers—which includes front, spine and back—to represent a reissue from a publisher.

“The World”— is a collection of novel cover designs featuring works about “To Live”, “No Longer Human”, and “Rashomon”. Written by three different Asian authors, these novels delve into the philosophy of human suffering from different perspectives: the inner self, the passage of time, and the societal context, all while expressing a profound yearning for the illumination of life.

The unique calligraphy styles employed in each cover design serve as a metaphor for the authors' distinctive writing approaches and their personal struggles. Each stroke captures the essence of their respective narratives, symbolizing the turbulent journey of life itself. Despite their differences, The incompatible geometric strokes are the only similarity between of them, representing the authors' shared belief in the resilience of the human spirit. Like driftwood adrift in the vast ocean of suffering, they persevere, holding onto their last glimmer of hope.

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