Entergy branding design participation.

Iconography Design


Lippincott San Francisco Design team (Thom Finn, Emiko Osaka, Peter Chun, etc.) and Strategy and Innovation team

Entergy is an integrated energy company and their collective purpose: to power life today and for future generations. Entergy is built to catalyze a better future for all. By unifying our efforts and investments under a common purpose, they are equipped to meet the changing needs of the dynamic world. From rebuilding after a storm to connecting with our customers in meaningful ways, showing up with the intention every day to power life.Expressing brand visually with bold simplicity. The Identity helps build trust in the minds of customers while also differentiating from the competition.  

I mainly participated in Iconography design, which emphasizes consistency and accurate information delivery regardless of the audience, region, or channel, and maintaining consistent tonality with the overall visual toolkit. In layout, they help label and categorize content, providing order and hierarchy. They are meant to support messaging, not take the lead. And they should not be overused in a single layout — competing with other visual elements or creating overly busy designs — otherwise, their effectiveness is diminished.

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