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Campaign Design

Energy Upgrade California

Energy Upgrade California - Flex Alert
Director: Patrick Sherman
Editor: Pete Koob
Creatives: Ben Wolan, Jo Cresswell, Sian Coole, Christina de la Cruz, Eric Molina, etc.
Producers: Liv Belda, Dustin Levine

Energy Upgrade California is a pioneering initiative dedicated to empowering Californians to enhance energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and create a sustainable future. By collaborating with local governments, utilities, and community partners, Energy Upgrade California provides resources, incentives, and education to individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Every year, heat wave-related power outages cost California approximately $2B in damages and claim the lives of vulnerable residents.  Multicultural communities bear a disproportionate burden from these outages.  Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Energy Upgrade California has developed a highly reactive crisis response plan that places the power to prevent outages directly in the hands of Californians.

With the anticipated arrival of the hottest weather in a century during the summer of 2022, our innovative approach equips individuals with the tools and knowledge to proactively combat power outages, ensuring the well-being and resilience of our diverse communities.

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