Entergy branding design participation.

Iconography Design


Lippincott San Francisco Design team (Thom Finn, Emiko Osaka, Peter Chun, etc.) and Strategy and Innovation team

Entergy is a comprehensive energy company with a shared mission to power the present and future generations. With a collective commitment to catalyzing a brighter future, Entergy is well-equipped to adapt to the evolving needs of a dynamic world. Whether it's rebuilding after a storm or engaging meaningfully with customers, their unwavering dedication to powering life shapes their daily endeavors. Visually, the brand expresses itself with bold simplicity, fostering trust and setting it apart from competitors.

My primary involvement in the project was in the design of iconography. This entailed ensuring consistency and accurate information delivery across diverse audiences, regions, and channels, while maintaining coherence with the overall visual toolkit. In layout design, icons played a vital role in labeling and categorizing content, providing structure and hierarchy. They serve as supportive elements, complementing the messaging rather than overpowering it. Careful attention was given to avoid overusing icons within a single layout, as this could lead to visual clutter and diminish their impact.

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