Chinese Wedding.|囍

A typography experiment poster about a song.

Typography Experiment

Student Project

Develop a rationale for interpreting a piece of music and the feeling about it through typography, imagery, and layout. Write down, gather, and research every idea, emotion, metaphor, and visual that you associate with the song.

"Chinese Wedding" is a Chinese rap song titled " " (pronounced "xi"), performed by 葛东琪 (Dongqi Ge). The song serves as a satirical deduce on the ghost wedding ceremony, a traditional feudal custom in ancient China. It exposes and ridicules the absurdity and ruthlessness embedded within the feudal class system of that era, ultimately leading to a tragic love story.

In terms of typography, the song employs a play of light and shadow, creating a hallucinatory and unreal effect. This artistic choice enhances the satire by emphasizing the stark contrast between the joyous facade of the wedding ceremony and the underlying critique of the societal hierarchy and its consequences.

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