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Central Cabinets Direct, founded by a dedicated team of cabinetry and design experts boasting over 100 years of collective experience in the Kitchen & Bathroom industry, is committed to delivering products that exceed customer expectations in quality, functionality, affordability, and efficiency.

The introduction of a new visual identity system serves a dual purpose: it reinforces Central Cabinets Direct's internal vision alignment with its employees while injecting fresh vitality into its public image. This strategic revitalization encompasses the unveiling of a novel logo, typeface, color palette, and brand language, creating a more adaptable framework for organizational restructuring and enhanced market recognition.

The logo identity, inspired by a harmonious blend of cabinet elements and the company's initials, embodies a flexible design system that can be employed both individually and extended as visual components for collateral materials and assets. With this innovative identity system in place, Central Cabinets Direct is primed to present itself to a broader customer base, characterized by a revitalized visual language and a bolstered corporate image.

Additionally, the project introduces a comprehensive brand guideline, consisting of three sections that meticulously explain the intricacies of the new logo identity design. These guidelines not only elucidate the design system but also provide clear directives on its proper usage across various brand applications. They serve as a steadfast reference point, facilitating the company's internal realignment while maintaining a keen focus on its external consumer base. These rules and guides stand as a beacon, guiding Central Cabinets Direct towards sustained success.

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