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DDB San Francisco Design team (Ben Wolan, Hilary Carey, Chris Toffoli, etc.) and Strategy team.

CarGurus is an automotive research and shopping website that assists users in comparing local listings for used and new cars and contacting sellers. It’s no secret—buying or selling a car is an emotional experience. It’s often hard to know if people are on the right path when buying or selling a car. That’s why CarGurus was founded—to bring trust and transparency to the automotive marketplace.

Stripes are a key element that ties brand ID together and gives it a clean, modern feel. Simply put, the 'Rally Stripe' is used for hero imagery, and the 'Half Stripe' is used as a secondary element container.

The color palette symbolizes the trailblazing that CarGurus offers, while the clean and modern typography reflects the brand's reliable spirit.

The new typeface is the visual expression of the voice of the brand. It communicates all written messages in a clear, modern, thoughtful way.  It comes in different weights and sizes.

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